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Sprachreise Irland
Sprachreise Irland Sprachreise Irland Sprachreise Irland


Es ist immer interessant, was die Anderen von der Sprachschule halten, die man besuchen möchte. Gibt es ein paar gute Tips oder andererseits Fehler, die man vermeiden kann? Werfen Sie hierzu bitte einen Blick auf die Bewertungen.
Sprachkurs Irland
  Andres, Spain May 2007

“Thanks a lot for all the lessons that helped me to improve my English. The atmosphere was good in the school and I enjoyed the activities. The college for me was great. Thanks for all”

Alfonso Gonzalez, Spain, June 2001
  "I promise to come back in October. I will always remember the school and their staff. Thanks a lot".
  Raquel Cantarero, Spain, July 2000
  "I have been here for 4 weeks. I've enjoyed it very much. Ireland is a beautiful country and I'll be back".
Carolina Serrano, Spain, December 2000
  "I'm very pleased to find this school, I think it is excellent".
Sprachkurs Irland
  Chiara, Italy, August 2010

“Thank’s very much for your availability and helpfulness that you showed me. This experience gave me a lot. I’m very happy because my English has improved and I made many friends. I hope to come back to Cork English College very soon. I will miss all the staff, especially the friendly reception.”

  Massimiliano, Italy, November 2008

“Thank you so much. Wonderful experience, wonderful people and very useful lessons. I am delighted to have known a lot of people in the academy and I thank the teachers and staff for their help and kindness. I have made many friends from different countries. Thank you for all”

  Gianluca Falessi, Italy, July 2000

"Hi, I'm Gianluca, I've been here for 4 weeks. I met a lot of friends. The staff of the school is first class".

  Massimo Biagini, Italy, November 2000
  "A kiss to all friendly people that I knew in Cork. Especially in the school".
Sprachkurs Irland
  Group of ATC from ENAC, France, June 2010
  “Thank you very much for having welcomed us so warmly. All your team is so friendly and lively. These 6 weeks have been a wonderful experience. Hope that you have enjoyed the French ATC students.”
  Yvan Venet, France, March 2001
"This school is lovely. The staff are friendly and I met a lot of good friends. I will come back in the end of 2001 for study. Thanks for every thing".
  Marie-Maude, France, August 2001
  "I really enjoyed my stay here. I met a lot of different people from different countries with whom I had a lot of fun. I'd like to come back here one day. I'd like to thank everybody".
Sprachkurs Irland
  Shinobu, Japan, February 2009

“It was very short time to be here but great fun and I could improve my TOEIC score. I appreciate everyone and never forget Cork English College. I love friendly teachers and my classmates. Thank you for everything”

  Daichi, Japan, September 2007
  “I have been in this school for such a long time, more than 6 months. It went so fast. I enjoyed every moment and I believe that my English has improved a lot. Here is a great school, great staff and teachers. I’ll never forget this precious time. Cork is my second home. Thank you for everything”
  Mariko Ban, Japan, February 01
  "I can't believe this 2 weeks went by so quickly. Staying here really feels like home. Thanks a million".